It has been a great pleasure reviving the garden, a place that until recently was disfigured by powerful machines and deprived of its rural soul while we were restoring the house.
In order to renew the garden’s purpose and reawaken it desire to welcome new plants, we needed to remodel it, nourish it and seed a fresh lawn.

Our long and narrow garden is truly a continuation of the house and is perfect for walks. It is home to a surprising diversity of plants, peacefully growing in the embrace of oak, ash, hornbeam and willow trees.

There are also hawthorns and dogwoods, hollies and laurels. We have no vegetable garden but we do have an herb garden…

It is a lovely, tranquil place to relax, lulled by the songs of the numerous birds that call it home, entranced by its rich, diverse fragrances and charmed by its soft tinted roses.

Nothing is lost, everything is recycled : shearings are composted, and tree and shrub prunings become mulch to feed the garden and its inhabitants and avoid unnecessary watering.

There is also always room for a few stray weeds to grow in the flower beds. Our garden is a place for sharing, love and happy moments.

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